Major Updates and Other Ramblings

Greetings all!

It has been 11 months since my last post… Yup, total slacker. I have my reasons- reasons that really only make good sense in my head and probably sound like lame excuses to everyone else. But hear me out!

First of all, the creation of this site was done as a school project during my Creative Writing BA to teach us how to build our author platform. I put a good deal of effort in to its backend creation, but the writing was secondary to that in this particular class. I also justified not posting with the semi-pity-party-ish, “I’ll post when I actually have something worth posting.” Well…. now I do!

I completed my BA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University in April. A major accomplishment for myself, since it took until I was 39 to do it. It is also a family milestone of which I am rather proud- I am the first of my immediate family and their great greats before to earn a Bachelor’s college degree. Feelin’ pretty bitchin’ about that, and I could never have done it without the encouraging kick in the ass and ongoing support of my wife and kids! Finishing my BA has also led to some other big news…

I have been accepted into the Writing Popular Fiction MFA program at Seton Hill University in Greensburg PA! This is Masters level schooling, a path to becoming a published author, a pathway to college level teaching. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. To say I’m not nervous would be total BS. Yet, there are already signs of the wondrous new world and journey I’m about to become a part of. The program itself has their act together and they truly made me feel like I was wanted in it. I have also made a great new friend before we even head to the school in June, which is boosting my confidence and helping calm my nerves. It is pretty great to have like minded people in your life- people who think space ships and magic and other geeky things are cool, and who want to write about it.

With encouragement from this friend (you can check out her blog here at: mizwriterlady), I will begin to post to my blog moving forward. I hope to include some “What’s up with John” posts, news from the MFA front, news about my fiction, and even some actual fiction writing just for fun. If you’ve followed me up until now, thank you, and please stay tuned! And if you’re new, welcome, and I hope you’ll stick around!

Updates and Ramblings concluded…. Here we go!

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