Morning Wakes

Another morning wakes,

Fingers stretching out.

To touch upon the empty ache,

Of a bed that lies without.


My heart you used to own,

Secure and without waver.

Like a bookstore shelves’ dusty tome,

Bound timeless and forever.


Such joy we once had,

Such love and desire.

Where did it all go bad,

When did we lose the fire?


So much like a dream,

A satisfying caress.

Like the first taste of ice cream,

As a longing confessed.


I failed you somehow,

I chased you away.

Was it the scowl on my brow?

Or the oak that won’t sway?


I know it’s too late,

As I lie here alone.

A sad, empty fate,

Is all I’ll be shown.


Today’s Prompt: Morning, Bookstore, Ice cream

This isn’t all that well composed, more of a brief emotional dump in rhyming form. I do that sometimes. There’ll likely be more.

For the full list of prompts and to join in on the 30 Day Restart Challenge, visit the prompt page here!

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