Throwin’ It Out There

Today is a free day in the Prompt Challenge, for me coming off a busy weekend where I wasn’t able to post yesterday. But it was a worthwhile reason- time with your family is always worth it! So I thought I’d share a thought that’s on my mind today as the residency and Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill MFA program draws ever nearer.

I’ve been battling a bit with, as the title says, throwin’ it out there. For me, “it” is my visual disability. I’m considered legally blind, however I still feel that my quality of life is very high and my limitations rather low. I can’t drive, read small print, my peripheral vision is non-existent, or see at all in the dark. But I never allow it to slow me down, I accommodate, and I have amazing people in my life who accommodate and help me. And, as I hope all can see, it doesn’t stop me from writing either!

Going in to this program, I was concerned. I’ll be on my own across the country, will I be able to manage the trip? Will I be able to keep up with the program? I realized there was no way I could go it alone and pretending I didn’t need the help. Working with the school was easy, nothing new there, and I have to compliment everyone I’ve worked with for being amazing and willing to help me and make accommodations however they could. This is one of the few experiences where I have been made to feel like it is being done because they want me there, not because they have to.

I took the leap and “threw it out there” to all the fellow students I have connected with so far, and have received such warm responses and offers. The greatest of all is my new friend and writing buddy Jean, who inspired me to take this writing challenge with her and who has promised to be there for me as a helping hand during the residency. I’ve also heard from others that they would be willing to help me too, and I’m currently attempting to network travel with any one willing to make a mutually beneficial plan.

I realize that this is more of a “What’s on my mind” post, and the thought it inspires is likely “Good for him!” But there is a meaning I want to get across with this, and that is to never be afraid to “throw it out there.” Break your comfort zone, risk embarrassment, open yourself and be honest. It’s hard, believe me I know. It took me until I was 36 to fully throw it out there and seek my education and writing dream.

You must. You absolutely must throw it out there. Whatever it is that you feel holds you back, or limits your ability, or gets in the way, or makes things complicated. Throw it out there! It may not be easy, and it may not always work out. But I can guarantee you that it will certainly not work out if you never do it.

Throw it out there, my friends.

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