John Mastro was born in January 1979 in Fresno, California. As a child, John enjoyed science fiction and fantasy, spending days outside battling invisible aliens and flying through space in oversized, cardboard ships. Evenings and lazy afternoons were spent consuming all the popular sci-fi TV and movies the 1980’s had to offer. In his teens, he discovered a love of reading sci-fi and fantasy novels by authors such as Frank Herbert, Michael Crichton, Timothy Zahn, Anne McCaffrey and even Stephen King.

John is currently a member of the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University, working towards published novels and the degree for teaching at the college level. In addition to his academic writing experience, he has published articles for The Odyssey Online, as well as experience writing and maintaining a personal blog. John has a Young Adult novel currently in development as well as the first in a children’s series. He strives for his writing to entertain kids through fun action, characters they can relate to, and to stimulate their imaginations- just like his was growing up.

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