Last Morning at Home

I hadn’t thought much about my last morning at home before I left for Fleet Academy. Being sentimental isn’t really my thing, which probably comes from knowing first-hand how fast you can lose something you care about. I didn’t walk around saying goodbye to my things like a little kid, I’d just rechecked my pack... Continue Reading →

Reaching Dawn

Vampires!? How in the hell are there vampires? thought Abby as she crouched under the steel-topped lab table, the chemical contents of some shattered experiment she’d toppled oozing ever closer to her knee. She could still hear the unholy wails and shrieks of those things that had once been her colleagues echoing down from the... Continue Reading →

From His Hotel Window

“Mom… Do you feel better yet?” asks the boy at the hotel window overlooking the park. “Not yet, sweetheart. I’m really sorry,” moans Mom from her pillow, the greenish pallor of her face not completely faded. Accursed shrimp cocktail from last night’s dinner… unavoidable, of course. But to happen in the middle of his special... Continue Reading →

The Girl With the Honey Colored Hair

Before I begin this short story, I wanted to let everyone know that I am starting a 30 Day Restart Prompt Challenge created by and alongside my writing buddy Jean over at her blog Miz Writer Lady. She will be posting her writings on these prompts as well, so please check them out! At the... Continue Reading →


The thick, pointed leaves of the elder forest underbrush pricked at his face like hundreds of needles. But the pain was preferable to the horror that lurked in the darkening skies above, strafing through the high tree tops in search of its prey. Rynn had drunk far too much of Gurvy’s best ale at the... Continue Reading →

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