His Sunset

You’ll never forget that phone call. The one you knew logically would someday come but could never have expected. You’ll never forget that politely ill-fitting greeting you gave to the officer on the phone that preceded the awful news he bore. You’ll never forget the oft described but only truly realized by experience gut punch... Continue Reading →

Throwin’ It Out There

Today is a free day in the Prompt Challenge, for me coming off a busy weekend where I wasn't able to post yesterday. But it was a worthwhile reason- time with your family is always worth it! So I thought I'd share a thought that's on my mind today as the residency and Writing Popular... Continue Reading →

The Girl With the Honey Colored Hair

Before I begin this short story, I wanted to let everyone know that I am starting a 30 Day Restart Prompt Challenge created by and alongside my writing buddy Jean over at her blog Miz Writer Lady. She will be posting her writings on these prompts as well, so please check them out! At the... Continue Reading →

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